Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My Little Munchkin

This is my little mini schnauzer. His name is Jeremiah, and he is the best little doggie anyone could ask for. We were taking a nap together, but he looked so adorable so I had to snap a photo of him sleeping. I carefully snuck into the kitchen to grab my camera, but when I turned around he was peeking over the couch. He's such a light sleeper. I finished another apron today and Jeremiah helped model it for me. It did'nt quite fit him, so we opted for the dining room chair. My christmas tree is in the back, but I'm not quit finsihed. I want to fill it with more decorations. There are some great Martha Stewart ornaments at K-mart and theyre cheap too. Oh, I how love Christmas.


Blogger LittleMissMeshell said...

That is such a cute apron, it looks like flower petals =)

I have two mini schnauzers! They are sisters, Maxie and Pepper (someone in the house wanted to call them Salt and Pepper but they were thoroughly voted down...can you imagine calling 'Salt!...Saaaalt!' =P). Anyway they are definitely not as good looking, LOL, and they smell =P

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